Ewes Heads UpThe Dorper sheep was developed in the 1930’s in South Africa by the Department of Agriculture by crossing with a Dorset Horned ram and Blackhead Persian.

Blackhead Persian was selected as the mother breed given the exceptional performance under harsh environmental conditions.



The Dorset Horn was selected because it offered a longer breeding season in comparison to other British sheep breeds.

Research on the Dorper continued and in 1950, the Dorper Breeders Society was formed by 28 farmers and 11 officials.

A score card was developed with the following traits in order of importance:


Mission Statement: To learn, understand, and promote the Dorper breed based on the standards of excellence established by the South African Dorper Breeders Society. 

Goal: To become one of the foremost Dorper breeders in North America.


Dooglynn Dorpers & Borders is registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation(CLRC). Progeny sold as full bloods are registered with the CLRC, identified by the pre-fix Dooglynn on the pedigree and the tattoo DO.  We are members of the Alberta Sheep Breeders Association, Canadian Dorper Sheep Association, and the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.


  1. Sale of full blood and commercial breeding Rams & Ewes
  2. Finished Lambs, processed & inspected
  3. Hay For Sale: Alfalfa/Meadow Brome/ Timothy (stored in shed)