The future of the Dorper and Border Collie lies in the collection of sound information, through performance and progeny testing. This information will be invaluable to the full blood and commercial breeder. Correct selection through knowledge and experience will ultimately lead to success.

We pride ourselves on integrity, performance, and attention to detail and believe that the difference between a great and timeless champion is the ability to recreate.

Our Dorper sheep are exclusively from the RAM H breeders foundation flock, their sheep shed well and are productive. “Meat qualities, type, and balance is what you get in a Ram H Ram” Raymond Read, International Dorper Sheep Judge.

Ann Marie & Ray Hauck are well known in the industry for their successes in the show ring and for quality Dorper breeding stock. The Hauck’s are major contributors to the Canadian Dorper industry and have strictly adhered to the South African Breed standards. We are very fortunate to have had Ray Hauck select 6 premium rams with different lineage and an additional 66 full blood ewes to afford enough genetic diversity to develop a stud flock to build upon.

Dooglynn Borders are winners on the competition trial field and are bred for practical work on the ranch. Our dogs have been proven to work in heart and mind; having the ability to get the job done regardless of task. Our lines originate from national and world champions, but to maintain a top quality dog we prove our progeny, maintaining the highest standards possible.